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I will be the emissary for turkey bacon, it is bacon, just of a different species :P

8th April 2011 03:04

Biiviz;5489024Cats, 'cause they don't take shit from no one. it's true, nor do they give a shit :...

9th April 2011 00:04

PROFESSOR Bacon to you :P

14th April 2011 09:04

Lol Alakazam, I didn't mean vooduo dolls, I meant the vooduo experiences where a person is controlle...

9th April 2011 00:04

Granyaski;5489057Technically voodoo isn't the whole pins the needles stuff, society changed what voo...

9th April 2011 00:04

Tricorder;5489072Oh boy. This is too easy. :lulz: A-koo-chee-moya! :lulz: Do you by any chance have...

9th April 2011 01:04

And tomorrow's saturday!! Omg it's a neverending loop!

9th April 2011 01:04

Oh, baby Tricorder, oh baby lol! tempting :rawr:

9th April 2011 01:04

congrats gran!

9th April 2011 07:04

My friends, we have found the solution to the price increase for bacon! Also, we can have pork ri...

13th April 2011 22:04

I smell a troll *raises eyebrow* This is a job for dun dun dun DUN! Tricorder XD

26th April 2011 01:04

I think my favorite is the faux-pick-nose, then wiping it on the door handle >.> otherwise the...

26th April 2011 01:04

Totes McTurner;5479868Some women are just...bitches. Like my store manager, for instance. Anyways....

1st April 2011 02:04

Actually before 4000BC he was just some evil alien slime that magically migrated to the Sudan :)

11th May 2011 22:05

I...I really don't know what to think about that O.o I mean, granted there are much more, erm, inti...

6th May 2011 22:05

I think I heard the UK just introduced bacon coke, just saw a picture, not 100% on the accuracy thou...

9th May 2011 20:05

I agree with the tomato bit, unless the tomato is under a piece of cheese, otherwise it makes the br...

9th May 2011 23:05

Riles knows all

11th May 2011 03:05

Didn't you hear him, he's THE goddamn Batman

11th May 2011 20:05

I'm sorry gran, that sounds like a really bad day :( Maybe those friends aren't worth it like you'v...

11th May 2011 22:05

Still it was nice to add a little spice to the room!

14th May 2011 01:05

keyboard cleaner (the slimeball), a beach towel for studying on the deck once it gets a little warme...

5th May 2011 01:05

It was nice to have a little spice added to the room again :)

14th May 2011 01:05

I can answer all three questions in one word: DUH! lol <3 Tricorder

19th May 2011 22:05

Juggernut;5506527I'm going to prom (Well ball), on june 1st. I'm really excited mostly because 1....

19th May 2011 22:05