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I'm sorry gran, that sounds like a really bad day :( Maybe those friends aren't worth it like you'v...

11th May 2011 14:05

Actually before 4000BC he was just some evil alien slime that magically migrated to the Sudan :)

11th May 2011 14:05

Still it was nice to add a little spice to the room!

13th May 2011 17:05

It was nice to have a little spice added to the room again :)

13th May 2011 17:05

I can answer all three questions in one word: DUH! lol <3 Tricorder

19th May 2011 14:05

creepy, but hypnotic and accurate. Not sure what I'd do about someone with a yogurt fetish o.O

19th May 2011 14:05

I agree with the tomato bit, unless the tomato is under a piece of cheese, otherwise it makes the br...

9th May 2011 15:05

I wonder how many more of these doomsday drills we'll have to go through before the real thing happe...

24th May 2011 01:05

It's ******** pre-rapture! No telling what he looks like now O.o

24th May 2011 17:05

They're so cute!

25th May 2011 17:05

If I could like this, it would be liked!

25th May 2011 17:05

If there's something I've learned about trust and life, it is that "all consequences are of our own...

26th May 2011 13:05

All hail lord inglip!!!

31st May 2011 23:05

Mr. Pedantic;5514951I remember drinking a Hoegaarden beer that I found quite good. I think that's th...

7th June 2011 15:06

Riles knows all

10th May 2011 19:05

I think I heard the UK just introduced bacon coke, just saw a picture, not 100% on the accuracy thou...

9th May 2011 12:05

first off unless they are trolling as well, don't tell them you are. Post lyrics from songs like th...

28th April 2011 16:04

Crusader;5498545How would you know what happens here, yank, you dont live here all the time to see w...

29th April 2011 13:04

so lucky that sounds like fun, totes!!! I just bought the next 2 years of my car's registration, wa...

28th April 2011 17:04

Playing golf in your back yard using flaming tennis balls and croquet mallets will get the police ca...

29th April 2011 00:04

I know it's horrible to be thinking this, but I have to wonder, how many people worked on cracking t...

29th April 2011 00:04

I love cats, they are independent, give them food, water, and clean their box, they're happy! Also...

7th April 2011 02:04

Name: SREE!! Age: unknown Race: Hawkoid Owns: a truck, teddy ruxben, stereo,and a horse Oops, sorry...

29th April 2011 13:04

In an octopus's garden? :eep:

29th April 2011 13:04

Everything in this day and age that isn't politically correct is outrageous.

29th April 2011 14:04