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Maybe i'm completely wrong but i thought the Cromwell was equipped with a 75mm gun? I could be compe...

8th February 2005 20:02

Torch version? Hmm that sounds interesting, will we be seeing anymore western Africa maps featuring...

8th February 2005 20:02

Very nice work lads! Those houses will be nice to knife some people in, or sit and be knifed! :D

14th February 2005 06:02

There's already a paratrooper version but the fact is- if you press the trigger on a semi automatic...

14th February 2005 23:02

Plus that's an M5 Stuart isn't it which is slightly different. I could be talking crap but who kno...

6th March 2005 06:03

Then let's have a stick about the subject?

2nd March 2005 00:03


6th March 2005 03:03

It depends, if a bullet hit a seat inside the car it would probably be stopped - bullets wouldn't al...

5th March 2005 19:03

AFAIK the Mk 2 D flew like an absoloute brick so it would be balanced - it wouldn't be able to opera...

3rd March 2005 06:03

Too blurry can't really make it out....but i think it is it. If you look on the left wing it has a l...

3rd March 2005 00:03

The best option would probably be to replace the fighter bomber Hurricanes with ones equipped with o...

3rd March 2005 00:03

What are you guys talking about? It should be made FAR FAR better! Devs please add a 1000 round drum...

2nd March 2005 02:03

/me melts

28th February 2005 16:02

Silly make! :D Any news from the Devs on semi automatics?

15th February 2005 19:02

Woop! :D

27th February 2005 22:02

You could also have one set in 1942 where the axis are attacking the americans... EDIT: Nice sugge...

26th February 2005 05:02

AFAIK, a whole regiment of 82nd airborne guys landed in a tight pocket around saint maire eglise, ca...

26th February 2005 05:02

*Shakes fist*

15th February 2005 23:02

Do you like torturing us!!? :( :D

15th February 2005 22:02

How about a flying king tiger that shoots death rays and has fully flapping wings! :D

15th February 2005 22:02

AKA Michael Jackson effect Damn it you beat me there :(

15th February 2005 20:02