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Normally to Hellknights or Mancubi, but I have fallen to my death a couple times before tho. :D

15th April 2006 03:04

I like the bar sign the way it is

17th June 2008 04:06

Atrocious;4397449You might want to wait for OL2.1 It changes a lot in the trade files. How much? Th...

22nd June 2008 18:06

It might crash it but if someone wants to add them to the traders, they can.

22nd June 2008 16:06

I am planning an OL2 version as we speak...stay tuned!

22nd June 2008 14:06

Fair Trade Vanilla Version, Stalker Downloads, Stalker Singleplayer Those who use mods that add ext...

22nd June 2008 04:06

Are we going to have a 2.1 patch with only the edited files over 2.0?

21st June 2008 22:06

I am wondering if my last crash is something vanilla? But I don't understand why my system would go...

20th June 2008 16:06


20th June 2008 15:06

I had this just before I entered Pripyat's underground car park where the Monolith ambush is.. [err...

20th June 2008 00:06

Concur! O__o

19th June 2008 15:06

Is it possible to make the Vortex anamoly easier to get out of? 1500 RU = $63 USD

18th June 2008 20:06

abandonator;4390122i don't want it to be easier, and i don't want the shaking dissapear, but just le...

17th June 2008 19:06

I'm guessing the 5.7 ammo isn't in the trader files, that is if the ammo has a proper model/skin, ic...

17th June 2008 04:06

As powerful as the real Desert Eagle is, I am trying to figure out how to increase its accuracy a ti...

25th June 2008 15:06

Also, looking at the act_green_stalker2 and 3 textures, the pants camo part looks pixelated and unsm...

16th June 2008 17:06

I belive Sakarov sells the exo prototype. On the money issue, I just rose the percentage on traders...

16th June 2008 17:06

Does the Radeon X1600 512MB count as a mid-high card?

16th June 2008 17:06

Is the 3000% additional bleeding a typo for Urchin, Crystal Thorn and Thorn? In unmodded Stalker, it...

16th June 2008 17:06

What's that icon below the hunger one? I always see it briefly upon loading a new area or savegame....

15th June 2008 03:06

Why don't you just update to 1.005?

14th June 2008 04:06

I see you do FA too! Your page for it does not load now (404?)

14th June 2008 04:06

Are you sure he didn't die? He might be around there.

14th June 2008 04:06

Well, my armor is set to never decay :) Well when I'm loaded, I typically carry 10-15 food, 300-500...

14th June 2008 04:06

I've had the heap of dogs twice, once entering Agroprom(not first time entering it tho) and again en...

14th June 2008 03:06