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Perhaps I'm missing something painfully obvious (it has been known to happen) but I have been unable...

5th September 2003 18:09

looks real nice, lots of content soon I hope :)

26th March 2004 01:03

cool, I'll give it a shot and get back to you ASAP.

24th March 2004 05:03

I don't think you can, everything got simplified. Nice that it's text now though.

24th March 2004 05:03

You mean DCX? This might (should be) what you're looking for.

24th March 2004 06:03

Realism would suck... I don't want virtual crapped out pants :P

24th March 2004 06:03

I liked the red water, it took some getting used to but in the end it spiced up the map and gave it...

24th March 2004 19:03

I managed to get the SE, the DVD tutorials and they are SUCH a valuable reasource. If you don't plan...

25th March 2004 00:03

Yes... b/c blowing away teammates is the way to go. Victory through TKing w00t! :uhoh: :fistpunch:

25th March 2004 00:03

2.4 Ghz P4a 512mb PC2100 (icky) Radeon 9600xt (great value card) 128mb btw Runs fairly smooth at 11...

25th March 2004 00:03

#14 I was replying sarcastically to #11 'Same problem in BF guys. I play the Wake Server on BF con...

25th March 2004 03:03

Heh, yeah I suppose I made it sound mater-of-fact but honestly I was speculating :D I haven't done a...

25th March 2004 17:03

Both of them are pretty good, yet I find myself playing UT2k4 2x as much time. Odd considering I lik...

25th March 2004 22:03

That'd be cool, EoD improving BF 'Nam :D

26th March 2004 07:03

it's slower certainly but it's fun to toy around with, and the labeling is great :P

23rd March 2004 21:03

H0wdy :)

26th March 2004 07:03

Anyone know which levels have tunnel networks? I have not found any openings to dig. Incomplete perh...

26th March 2004 07:03

Back to the original purpose of this thread. How do I integrate the StuntHQ (v1.0) mutator into my m...

27th March 2004 04:03

I've use all three CD's at one time or another, had problems with the second one being read both dur...

29th March 2004 23:03

so is this the Desertcombat team? If so we can expect greatness :D

31st March 2004 02:03


8th April 2004 20:04

the XM8 is just as likely (and cheaper) a replacement, OICW is planned only for squad leaders and su...

9th April 2004 00:04

So many times have I swooped in low with an apache to take enemy armor out, when the hellfire pops t...

14th April 2004 21:04

I've only been playing JO for about 3 days now, but I love every minute of connected gameplay (yes,...

23rd August 2004 07:08

Hello thar :)

23rd August 2004 08:08