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Would you ever consider converting the Soul Reaver model for KotOR or allowing someone else to conve...

11th September 2004 22:09

Hey When I usually come home late, or Im being lazy when home all day... I'm as everyone else (excep...

24th January 2007 00:01

well this is kinda of a old way to enjoy the game when bored :) but I hate when the panther, so well...

17th January 2007 17:01

17th January 2007 21:01

17th January 2007 21:01

am I the only one with a comletely pointless life? ok.. - Soon - ...Die

21st January 2007 20:01

I will die....

21st January 2007 20:01

teen? :P no way... more like... life sucks angst

21st January 2007 23:01

meet chicks... I will stop do that... they are just stupid :)

22nd January 2007 02:01

ok girls are stupid at least my last one :) but I wonder if this one will compensate her... perhaps....

22nd January 2007 03:01

still die... and eat, Im hungry

24th January 2007 00:01

Hmm how about... Somebread, prefered fresh, drown in some oil, garlic, but in the oven... make so...

24th January 2007 17:01

16th January 2007 04:01

I just tried something... ehh we all have eaten panncakes? ok... My recipe 1 egg 0.5 L milk 3 dl f...

24th January 2007 22:01

Would be cool though if you had more gizmos for airplanes, not just, left right, roll, slow down, fa...

29th January 2007 15:01

Ok, are they possible to implement? is it good? would kiddiez drown in :confused: becuase they have...

29th January 2007 15:01

new girl just went of to Australia for 5 months /cry gimme a new one!

30th January 2007 15:01

well, planes can have sort slow mode if you have a joystick :) The idea with gearboxes is that it c...

30th January 2007 15:01

I notice the same people all the time in the flask, is it becuase they hate planes? or just hate the...

30th January 2007 15:01

ANZACSAS;3510967she is with me now :D Goooooooood I don't want the bitch :) but she is a natural S...

31st January 2007 15:01

yes ofc, and Downl04d t3h 1nt3rn3tzzzz h3r3!

31st January 2007 20:01

and I don't think this was funny myself, actually :/

31st January 2007 20:01

isn't wolf in the USA, that's the problem... :) rofl I justt farted,

17th January 2007 15:01

Can it be you're loading a map, which you have a "extended rfa on", a addon from another server... T...

16th January 2007 02:01

'LIGHTNING [NL;3513018']The internet is only 24 PetaBytes? not more? :bawl:

31st January 2007 22:01