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Is there a career editor, and if there is how do i get it????

4th July 2003 00:07

No luck whatsoever, yahoo isnt very helpful ------------------------------------------- :D Msgt_k...

16th July 2003 20:07

Has anyone had a chance to play it?? I have to wait an hour to download the other half (On Cable) an...

20th August 2004 16:08

I dont believe the universe will end.. I believe in the theory That There are an infinite amount of...

20th August 2004 05:08

It would be being able to build or destroy someones life, AKA the best feature is being able to Play...

20th August 2004 04:08

I created a proper career for the military, and it worked out well.

20th August 2004 04:08

My best guess would be is to wait for the game to have the pacific maps ported, and make the Flameth...

20th August 2004 04:08

Hey, ive been working on a D-Day map, but i needed to get the german artillery in it, so i got the f...

24th February 2004 15:02

Hey, how do you get RtR weapons and vehicles in battlecraft?? ive wanted to add those howitzers for...

21st February 2004 15:02

id like to join a clan, i play mostly as assault in non modded bf1942, Sniper in Desert combat and...

24th October 2003 01:10

IceHawk00Does anyone have to sims online full because i was wondering if you could tell me if you co...

11th August 2003 22:08

Originally posted by [WZ]Fezarella Hello is anybody here? what i want to know is 2 out? ---------...

16th July 2003 20:07

W/o That program you cant

16th July 2003 20:07

Uhh, Nothin there

16th July 2003 20:07

Dude, everything but a will be in the sims 2, -------------------------------------------- Bow To M...

16th July 2003 20:07

where do you get the career editor??

4th July 2003 00:07

It appears the site is no longer in exsistence, how about some help lookingm thx ------------------...

16th July 2003 19:07

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) : Thank You!!!!!!!!!

16th July 2003 19:07

Uhh gonna take awhile, sit tight ;)

15th July 2003 01:07

tyriel, sorry bub i overreacted, :spank: But hey theres a website that is a thing that computer gen...

15th July 2003 00:07

:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: death threats what do want them to say when they fight, hi...

14th July 2003 17:07

I meant say im gonna kill you when the fight starts!!:mad: Okay??

13th July 2003 17:07

my e-mail is [email][/email] password: *******

10th July 2003 20:07

Yeah i Need the career editor!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please?? my e-mail is msgt_kedron, send it there k??

10th July 2003 19:07

the sware thing is a joke, how about, you make the sims, for the first time, say " IM GONNA KILL YOU...

10th July 2003 18:07
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