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er... didn't you read the statement with it ? This is just an example.. this is not from a beta vers...

24th September 2003 00:09

well i wouldn't say somthing like that because when a guy has 66 honor and he wants get a new name a...

4th October 2003 03:10

planes suck.. and why should we have planes ?? the maps are way to small for that.. go play BF 1942...

4th October 2003 23:10

well aren't you a cheater if you can get an RPK at mout ???

23rd September 2003 02:09

lol fezarella your last 3 posts were all giving links to :P

10th October 2003 23:10

lol and then there was crash crashing in :D Yeah bajorek go write some books maybe when i'm old an...

17th October 2003 22:10

who cares they said that there won't be any honor resets no more so let's gain some honor :D

17th October 2003 22:10

well my honor has never been resetted even though i hadn't played for a year since 1.4 !

17th October 2003 00:10

I've been playin since 1.4 and 1.4 was the patch when everyone got resetted (so there you have it it...

16th October 2003 20:10

lol he said if he had to grade it he would have given me an 10 (that's a A for you guys) so he thoug...

16th October 2003 20:10

I can't see it even though i have Quicktime ?!

16th October 2003 02:10

thay will be here before christmas ! maybe 2.1 will be out at christmas :D

15th October 2003 18:10

lol i printed it and gave it to my english teacher... hehe maybe he'll give me a grade for it :P if...

15th October 2003 18:10

Nice man ! took me about 20-30 minutes to read it all and i liked it :D.. Tip: use paragraphs that...

14th October 2003 18:10

yeah we should be able to choose which things we want to see on our character ! like a backpack or o...

14th October 2003 18:10

Leased servers aren't official but they do count your score for honor and the star next to names ing...

14th October 2003 00:10

Bajorek be sure to pm me when it's done.. i want to be the first one who will read it !

9th October 2003 12:10

yeah something like we drop down from a black hawk !!! at start of a mission

5th October 2003 01:10

they said 4 !!! plus 2 new training maps !

8th October 2003 13:10

AAAAAHH lol and i was so stupid to believe that...

8th October 2003 13:10

Boehoe :( NOT COOL !!!!

7th October 2003 18:10

there will be a ingame IRC chat... attleast that is if the rumours are true.. but one Dev (i don't k...

6th October 2003 16:10

Hi i'm one of the new posters here.. hehehe and i think some of the guys here know me allready :P

6th October 2003 16:10

reinstall.. that's the only thing that came up my mind :P

6th October 2003 16:10

come on.. if you can't speak or understand english go back to school ! Every country that is a bit...

6th October 2003 16:10