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[color=magenta]HEY is anybody out there..... if so hit me up i'm the new chick lol..:p [/color]

20th September 2004 23:09

thanks lol so... what really goes on here?

21st September 2004 00:09

[color=magenta]hey i was wondering how's Tribes vengance i haven't had a chance to download it yet.....

21st September 2004 00:09

when will they come out

10th November 2006 11:11

guys if you are going to make a zero model you should make the "megaman x zero" from the origenal se...

12th December 2006 04:12

please find one then

12th December 2006 05:12

what the fuck do you guys use to edit you own sabers

10th February 2007 12:02

thanks sorry for the foul language but after an hour of getting the same results it kind of gets ear...

11th February 2007 03:02

is there anything i can delete out of the 3 assets.pk3 files that the game dosn't absolutly need. li...

4th April 2009 07:04

First i do it in the teen space. second they could care less if i load games there. third ordinarly...

4th April 2009 11:04

pardon the double poast but can an admin move this to jedi academy modding and editiong

4th April 2009 11:04

can you give me the username of the friend

4th April 2009 23:04

seems fair. well you helped me out quiet abit. thanks. as for callings it pifacy. you could call any...

5th April 2009 12:04