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Plagues. Stupid vaccinations killing off those poor viruses. SAVE THE PLAGUES!

4th November 2018 04:11


14th August 2018 02:08

Feeling left out?

13th August 2018 05:08

Hey michelle, and capybaras-suck

12th August 2018 08:08


12th August 2018 07:08

Those who don't cheat, can't use the words.

11th August 2018 05:08

It works!

6th August 2018 07:08


6th August 2018 07:08

Posing as a left-wing liberal in a town meeting asking for their support to establish a mosque, many...

28th July 2018 22:07

I've been at it with modding Fallout 4 again. It's similar to playing the game, except all you're do...

3rd July 2018 02:07

My real name is n0e, Jeff is just my username. 

1st July 2018 07:07

Nancy Pelosi introduces her campaign committee for the take back of the House.

24th June 2018 01:06

Another issue is that, from what I've read, there isn't any documentation that can link the children...

23rd June 2018 03:06

This is surreal. trump is trying to turn the US into Russia with a sprinkle of oppressive Nazi ideal...

20th June 2018 07:06

Sad but true

14th June 2018 07:06

Full body wax job (e.x. 40-year-old virgin)Drive around a populated area blasting NickelbackPersonal...

14th June 2018 07:06

Anyone remember the campaign ads of him spouting nonsense while his trump steaks were in view? All h...

14th June 2018 06:06

He went to the G7 summit, embarrased the hell out of the US in front of our Allies with his lack of...

14th June 2018 06:06

Ugh, don't remind me.  The man who only wears glasses now because "they make him look more intell...

8th June 2018 04:06

Here's that video in question: Here's the first segment for those curious:  

6th June 2018 23:06

6th June 2018 23:06

6th June 2018 16:06

I get them every now and then. Typically they're harmless and get a bad rap because they're attribut...

5th June 2018 22:06

I can't afford it. 

5th June 2018 05:06

Adrian is hilarious. 

4th June 2018 13:06