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It's the graphics for the pulse that shows the three firing at once. What you could do for the defia...

3rd November 2005 18:11

To the should you continue question the answer is yes. Definitely.

12th May 2006 18:05

Demo is not very moddable. The full game is.

1st May 2006 16:05

InsertnameBetter idea to have a guide on modding than a request thread "Build a man a fire and he'll...

3rd May 2006 02:05

Yep, they all exist on the main site.

3rd May 2006 17:05

There's always the Cardassian Dreadnought Missile, it is canon. Also the Son'a were mentioned in an...

3rd May 2006 20:05

Yeah the one in Voyager. The stock cardassian super ship. Also just remembered the Son'a fighters.....

4th May 2006 00:05

Patch 1.2??

6th May 2006 00:05

Sometimes when my game starts the same thing happens. The only way I've found to sort out it out is...

9th May 2006 00:05

My guess would be it doesn't like the first "." (full stop) in the naming. I'd try renaming all the...

10th May 2006 18:05

That's really good! Especially the textures, captures the oily look of the ships.

12th May 2006 16:05

Are you sure the have the weapons numbered correctly?

18th May 2006 16:05

Been a while since I played it, but I don't remember having any problems with the AI at all.

19th April 2006 18:04

Did you convert the Cardassian advanced shipyard into the subspace catapult or scratch build it?

20th May 2006 01:05

Here's a pile for you, (ship names are not always canon, but some are from a Trek card game I play):...

20th May 2006 20:05

A good start for the rammer would be the stock Cardassian super ship. The missile.

21st May 2006 17:05

One episode of DS9 I think called it Klingon Intelligence.....not very imaginative I know, but I thi...

23rd May 2006 02:05

Nice, but I think it needs a bit more brown between the ridges and the dome should be brownish too.

27th May 2006 19:05

Yep, map editor is best. Once you have the ships in and on the right teams use Ctrl-A to start playi...

4th June 2006 15:06

Looks cool. But wasn't the ship in Halo 2 called In Amber Clad?

7th June 2006 00:06

Yeah, definitely looks like a cross between the Scimitar and the Norexan/Valdores classes.

9th June 2006 22:06

What ship is it? The main bit sort of looks like The Pillar of Autumns Hull. But the colors on the o...

14th June 2006 02:06

Could you put them on with different names in Milkshape, open the model up in Storm3D and then renam...

18th June 2006 15:06

I don't know what this is about really, but this was also a part of the wiki article. "Spamming an...

27th April 2006 04:04

Liking the nacelles on the saucer. Looks well good.

15th April 2006 16:04
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