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help me downed pilot stage... after i unlocked the computer door and i finish killing a...

17th September 2004 12:09

dude that is very confusing to read lol u seem to have alot of things just appereing and disapering...

28th June 2008 22:06

use the map editor and find the map u want to edite just to open/go backwards 2 times/ go to art the...

16th June 2008 02:06

were did you get your copy? if from a freind or internet then it might be illegal

17th June 2008 06:06

is the first one on another site or on here?

17th June 2008 06:06

when does that come on the air anyway i havent seen it yet nice models there kick @##

19th June 2008 19:06

are you downloading foc maps? that could be your problom there

20th June 2008 09:06

isint there already a mod for EVE being made?

25th June 2008 20:06

did u delete one of the stormtroopers to put in the storm officer? that could be your problom

25th June 2008 21:06

y would u need cheats when u can pretty much alter the game as u see fit (if u know how anyway)

28th June 2008 21:06

make a backup of it before u delete it if taking it out of the game does not help

29th June 2008 11:06

thats one impressive list you got there any pics of them or is it to early to ask that?

15th June 2008 06:06

dude i was about to ask the same questine lol to bad no ones interested this would be awsome

8th July 2008 00:07

if it worked on a different comp then that comp was just pissed off or something good to know it wo...

8th July 2008 00:07

dude your disk is not happy try cleaning it or if u put the downloaded files somewere elts with that...

10th July 2008 23:07

all the girls i know dont even know this game exsist lol i would say there are some girls that are o...

15th July 2008 06:07

i say have all 4 factions but thats just me

17th July 2008 04:07

did u upgrade the game with the paches?

17th July 2008 04:07

i got a questine, y wont it run i pu tit in the mod folder and everything but i just runs the core g...

19th July 2008 01:07

this mod seems to going along smoothly nice

19th July 2008 01:07

haha i know i was just wondering

15th June 2008 06:06

sweet thanks dude

14th June 2008 04:06

i got no shortcut with the new version though

21st July 2008 00:07

did you make it a multiplayer map?

29th May 2008 03:05

just buy there powers at the black market and see what happenes

20th May 2008 00:05