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I have tryied to make a pk3 file to replace the dueling music with Duel of the Fates but with no suc...

6th August 2002 06:08

The command is /taunt That is all and you can bind it to a key by typing in console bind n taunt...

6th August 2002 11:08

In my experience it works. Seeing as I played and used it about half hour ago, my experience is pret...

6th August 2002 11:08

I want to play my own music in games. Like I put Duel of the Fates in my \base\ directory then in th...

7th August 2002 07:08

I have the same problem. And the music in the MP Main Menu IS the duel music.

9th August 2002 05:08

When I got a pk3 file to change the dueling music to Duel of the Fates, it did it in the main menu o...

10th August 2002 00:08

Jedi Lord sounds awsome. The perfect addition to the ranks of the Jedi.

10th August 2002 03:08

I have the same problem. It must be server related.

10th August 2002 06:08

Can anybody help me?

10th August 2002 06:08

It's ok. I got it to work now. Thanks anyways. Now I have the problem that it only plays it on the M...

11th August 2002 03:08

Thank You. This should help me greatly.

24th August 2002 02:08