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GF Pwns Me!

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Well tonight i was crusing around and it started raining so i decided to head to the nearest patch o...

2nd October 2004 02:10

ERROR: NPC extensions (*npc) are too large what does it mean?

25th August 2007 17:08

not exactly the awsner I was hoping for...

21st August 2007 01:08

I have been able to upload about 3 youtube videos and now when ever I try to upload another the perc...

21st August 2007 06:08

lol I love red vs blue! to bad it ended though. "I think it looks more like a puma." "What in sam he...

21st August 2007 06:08

I know that its just the fact that I tried to upload a 2 min vid and the percentage bar froze at 19%

21st August 2007 07:08

TY but do you also know why when I try to play multiplayer an error message appears and says this? P...

22nd August 2007 01:08

This is what it says if I try to open multiplayer manully through the files JAmp: v1.0.0.0 win-x86...

22nd August 2007 02:08

you mean litterlay going in the folder and deleting everything? or going to control panel and clicki...

22nd August 2007 02:08

I dont think windows vista has a "run" feature:Puzzled:

22nd August 2007 16:08

sadman it did not work still says the same thing

22nd August 2007 17:08

nope it did not work sadly

22nd August 2007 23:08

I have been trying to run a video for quicktime and every time I try to play the video the sound wo...

23rd August 2007 17:08

When ever I click safe mode and click apply and exite out it says its under direct x agian even thou...

24th August 2007 04:08

I ask it because I am new here!

25th August 2007 17:08

I did what kouen said now its giving me this Guru meditation failed! Assertion Failed: "clt_IsFi...

20th August 2007 18:08

I have ripped some dvd movie files from the disc its self and I need to know how to converthem to a...

29th August 2007 19:08

when ever I have fraps on my pc while trying to upload a vid to youtube it doesnt work but when I un...

5th September 2007 01:09

how do I create a single player skirmish in the eaw map editor??

22nd September 2007 03:09

ummm I just want to make a singleplayer space skirmish with AI

22nd September 2007 14:09

ok heres what I have 1 spawn points 2 ships 3 bases and then when I save it and then play f...

24th September 2007 01:09

yes I just want a space skirmish that I can play by myself with AI

24th September 2007 18:09

thats the thing though I already read the directions 5 times and still wont work

24th September 2007 23:09

heres the spawn flag things that I have PLAYER_0_POSITION_MARKER PLAYER_0_SPAWN_POINT_MARKER TEAM_...

25th September 2007 00:09

what do you mean byT eam_00_Space_station? cause I cant find that marker

25th September 2007 00:09