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i waz reading about the necrons and i found a c'tan iv never heard of its called the devourer anybod...

31st May 2006 11:05

whats the worst way you have ever defeated some one online.heres mine. i killed all his HQ on propos...

30th September 2006 03:09

necrons are slow as crap trying to cross the ocean and avery other race is fast but they have other...

11th September 2006 10:09

did you know... that the reson the laser is red is because the guard have a speacal cristal that mak...

11th September 2006 10:09

if its on a unit it makes that unit constantly try it when you start out

11th September 2006 17:09

it probably wont be in skirmish but if you beat the conquest mode then you mite get to pike it or so...

11th September 2006 17:09

kind of but they dont use it to create strong conintrated beams but it dose make it stronger then it...

12th September 2006 10:09

has any one noticed that the stealth teams some times stop being invisible or is it just me?

13th September 2006 09:09

no they gust go out of it when there walking

13th September 2006 17:09

the eldar did not go there to stop the necrons they were being chased by the space Marines and lande...

28th September 2006 09:09

they were being chased by the space Marians and were forced to land there.ok?

29th September 2006 03:09


29th September 2006 09:09

cool i like it.

29th September 2006 17:09

the tau have more advanced wepons than the eldar but thats about it.

29th September 2006 17:09

A meltagun works by forcing a pyrum petrol fuel mix into a sub-molecular state and fires it. there y...

3rd October 2006 06:10

im a huge history buff to but im not so good with dates

3rd September 2006 22:09

karkinelite;3255417i they arnt in DC but i really wish they were was the Tau Axillirais the Tau huma...

3rd October 2006 06:10

Its like napome ok.

3rd October 2006 07:10

that would be cool.very cool.MEGA COOL

4th October 2006 03:10

karkinelite;3255417i they arnt in DC but i really wish they were was the Tau Axillirais the Tau huma...

4th October 2006 07:10

whay whould necrons fight each other it gust stupied but i think the space mariens becuase i took tw...

28th October 2006 05:10

i liked the game i beat it in 2 days but it was fun but it would have been beter if you could play a...

9th December 2006 10:12

Chaos sm will never defeat the imperum because they would have too work together and that probably w...

18th January 2007 12:01

abbadon could only get 5 of the main csm army together because the others are controlled bye the cha...

19th January 2007 09:01

oh thanks skrmet and necron only stopped because they had killed every thing they could find in the...

20th January 2007 01:01