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sry to double but i see that i can load evry other map but not Karakove Outskirts it seems to drop t...

12th March 2005 06:03

i likes it!

12th March 2005 05:03


12th March 2005 02:03

... well im haveing issues joining maps online.... it loads basicly all the way, but then it goes do...

12th March 2005 00:03

why change the loading music???

12th March 2005 00:03

i vote with anlushac11! how many E8's saw combat? i do know i saw one fighting in some onld video fo...

10th March 2005 19:03

im so down for this to be in i know ive suggested this a while ago for FH1... this would be the ulti...

16th April 2009 19:04