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i will miss all the times u made us laugh with ur rude pranks and off topic jokes

6th December 2000 13:12

what about for cable? what can I do

9th December 2000 08:12

Wrong forum, you want the Quake forum

12th December 2000 01:12

DUDE! Wheres my car?!

17th January 2001 16:01

Will someone tell me whats goin on! >.<

16th February 2001 14:02

sweet ride

22nd February 2001 14:02

And the best thing is, If you run outta gas, you can piss in it!

20th March 2001 06:03

who next?! me?!

18th April 2001 11:04

"I don't wanna waste my time! Become another casualty of society! I'll never fall in line! Become an...

20th April 2001 06:04

right..... ------------------

20th April 2001 06:04

I still don't understand this :amd: stuff! Whats the pointtttttttttttttttt!

19th June 2001 15:06

I'm on it sir!

19th June 2001 15:06