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One of the many things the New Gen Mod Team is working on is Trek Battles. Trek Battles II is a total conversion mod with the goal to turn Legacy into the game it should have been..... It adds several new races which are missing from the stock game. For example the Dominion, the Cardassians and the Breen. New ships have been added to all races in all eras and all ships are upgradeable. The Interface has been replaced with a new TMP design and optimized for the XBox 360 Controller. Furthermore the gameplay has been improved with new maps, new missions, a new campaign and a better AI.

In late May 2007 the first Version of Trek Battles was released on Legacy Files. In Christmas 2007 the much improved Trek Battles II was released. Feel free to create new ships, maps, etc for Trek Battles and release them on Legacy Files.

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Have you ever tested any of your ships POST-release?

And if yes, on which versions of Legacy? Did you even test it on UU 2.2 ?