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HI all as from my name u can understand i dont know very much about mapping. I would like to edit mp...

30th June 2009 07:06

ty alot again seto ur the man:)

24th July 2009 17:07

tryin to change it but not working take a look guys but dunno how to send it?

25th July 2009 18:07

how can i put it up here?

25th July 2009 17:07

ok i founded one error but that comes after the recompling when i watched my entites before and then...

25th July 2009 15:07

What should be at the end of entites(at the end of all entites) when im doing it in notepad,wordpad...

25th July 2009 11:07

im glad to help with story and timeline I already thought some:D

24th July 2009 19:07

But wat should this mean When i try to run my edited map then comes this error: G_ParseSpawnvars: c...

24th July 2009 19:07

what is a parseentity :EOF without closing brace?

24th July 2009 18:07

question 1= why not question 2=yea ty about the tables and seats but what about those spawnpoints?

24th July 2009 16:07

OK im editing maps what exist already in JKA but i have small questions for more advanced ppl. :deal...

22nd July 2009 15:07

my complier shows that spawnpoints are incomplete i did like this "classname" "info_player_deathmatc...

24th July 2009 15:07

is there a difference between .ent and .txt? kinda embarrasing to ask but do u know how to add seat...

24th July 2009 14:07

ok ty m8 made .bat and now know how to make .ent too so ty to all for help.

23rd July 2009 19:07

how can i make them .ent and how can i make .bat sry for so many question. P.S Seto heard great thi...

23rd July 2009 17:07

no i extracted them already but just dont know how to put them back in because compiler dont do what...

23rd July 2009 16:07

taspir ffa5 i took it from assests0.pk3 and extracted the entites for editing.But when i try to use...

23rd July 2009 12:07

No just how can i recomplie the entities back to bsp.I havent touched it And that site is for me unk...

23rd July 2009 08:07

ok ty seto thank to u and all others i finally got my map working so thank u all alotd

26th July 2009 15:07