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Does anyone know where i can find a jetpack mod for sp? :confused:

28th November 2002 06:11

add more stats then maybe i can help

26th February 2003 12:02

get a better graphics card and it will run better

20th February 2003 07:02

how DO you get custom maps to work plus: They need like a city-like multiplayer map with lots of ci...

23rd February 2003 13:02

I already finished the campaigns (a little easy anyone?) (compaired to the previos ones)

24th February 2003 01:02

should i e-mail it to you>?

24th February 2003 01:02

im just saying that the campaigns for this were easier than the othere cnc titles but i gues this wa...

24th February 2003 08:02

i would send them but the quality of the screenshots were horribl and they were massive 2.5 megs per...

24th February 2003 08:02

Terroribly sorry. I know how you feel, when jk2 came out i was running it on minnimum! (And boy was...

24th February 2003 13:02

How many of you got generals to work?

13th February 2003 13:02

this must be a stupid question but, how do you make the hulks and toxins/raditation stay so long? ty

23rd May 2003 09:05

How did i become a 2nd class midshipman?

23rd May 2003 09:05

in the genreals forums

23rd May 2003 10:05

ok, ty

23rd May 2003 10:05

that's an iraqi flag

23rd May 2003 11:05

I know but, someone said the falg was dutch, but it's ot, it's an iraqi flag.

23rd May 2003 11:05

have yo asked them permition?

24th May 2003 07:05

Yeah, the world builder does is not normally compatible with mods, deezire is currently working on t...

1st June 2003 12:06

can someone upload their tours.ini file becasue i need it to update from 1.9 to 2.0

7th November 2003 10:11

How do you change the size of a unit, not the model size, but the "bigness" (e.g. 0 can walk thru st...

13th June 2004 11:06

And how do you make attachments?

13th June 2004 12:06

i totally agree. I still bought the generals though :)

18th February 2003 00:02

or modify the current jetpack mod to work for sp?:confused:

28th November 2002 06:11

prolly anikan

9th January 2003 08:01

:( :mad:

28th November 2002 09:11
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