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Yeh sounds cool

6th November 2003 00:11

Yeh thanks for the boats in bombing the reich, I love taking them out in my Swordfish!

27th September 2004 00:09

The artillery able to turn finally. Also the manual looks great but needs some more info on the dama...

8th March 2004 17:03

yeh play on frag the net servers a lot, really good team games usually

18th July 2004 15:07

Keep them aussie servers running, cos I'm emigrating to Adelaide in about 9 months or so:) Hope ther...

23rd July 2004 23:07

Not too sure yet fanterm, just starting to look at propertys online, any recomendations? Good to see...

24th July 2004 19:07

get them from frag the net website. Fast and good people and server

30th August 2004 20:08

USMA2010pawn? you mean pwn? pawn is a cheap store where you sell things for quick cash at half valu...

22nd September 2004 00:09

Thanks, appreciated the tutorial. Up and running no probs

22nd September 2004 04:09

SMAUGSo the one Tiger and Panther stands for the 21st Panzer Division and the 1st SS Panzer Division...

23rd September 2004 03:09

Only tried 4 new maps so far, and am extremely impressed with them. I like the new icons and the nam...

24th September 2004 23:09

Should the AA/AT indicator move when you change ammo? Because I can't seem to, the keys are the same...

27th September 2004 00:09

HergetCan't you read ? They are written on the shield. It's W and S. Yes, in fact I was reading perf...

27th September 2004 23:09


7th March 2004 03:03

I'd definatly like to see aussies in game, Italians first because there could be some great maps (mo...

29th September 2004 00:09

Only played for a couple of hours but really enjoyed it. When I found the pick up kit to call in an...

31st December 2004 06:12

Found a german tank that was severly damaged and wouldn't move but I could still rotate the turret a...

31st December 2004 06:12

Theres another bomber kit on eastern blitz at the top of a 3 storey ruins overlooking the mine

2nd January 2005 02:01

I was playing battle of the alutions yesterday and was poloting the Japenese ship on my own. I was b...

5th January 2005 20:01

How about battle for Narvik or a map based in Burma?

5th January 2005 20:01

sorry meant Adak Island , battle of the Aleutians

5th January 2005 20:01

Hi there not played FH for 2 and a half years after moving from UK to Australia. I have finally mana...

2nd April 2008 11:04

Thanks for the reply. Cant work how to change my details at the moment!

2nd April 2008 15:04

Thanks for all the replies. I get a decent ping on iinet, but the most players I've ever seen was 2,...

12th April 2008 07:04

Fritz_Fraghof;4346505I am very impressed with 2.1. Graphics and sounds are stunning. Handling of eve...

18th May 2008 06:05