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18th October 2002 09:10


28th December 2002 01:12

o god i checked.i shouldnt have *turns over and throws up* *moans* *says he wont ever get this wast...

26th December 2002 23:12

hmm...i linked it to the planet wolfenstein photo website

27th December 2002 01:12

is it? what do you hear lol

27th December 2002 04:12

is total conversion played anywhere cause i havent seen it at al so far.

27th December 2002 04:12

and we now got our affiliation with two companies set up so we now offer 2 types of hosting.Image ho...

28th December 2002 01:12


28th December 2002 01:12

i doubt any-on made those m8

28th December 2002 02:12

true and plus wolf3D was a really cool game but ahs any-one hear ever played the wolf game before wo...

26th December 2002 21:12

tick boxes?

30th December 2002 00:12

lol i think ill upload that to my funny pictures section on Stomping Grounds ( would...

30th December 2002 01:12


30th December 2002 21:12

i need some artists on my website.If any of you would like to make some banners,gifs or what not for...

31st December 2002 23:12

HEY I LOVE LEMMINGS!!!!! anyone here play the paintball version?

1st January 2003 09:01

well apart from the fact no-one was in these servers the maps are pretty cool.

26th December 2002 22:12

AJ Yuris>>his ip please or website from which we can view his server stats?

26th December 2002 08:12

Well you can check out my site ( but our scripts were taken from chiffriermaschinen(h...

2nd January 2003 08:01

ive neber been able to find any limited-;ife servers.Could yuou please post me a url err....IP addre...

27th November 2002 09:11

lol i like that acid pic its kinda funny.

27th November 2002 09:11

i change whenever the maps change.

27th November 2002 09:11

would be nice if you had more bandwidth.if u need take advantage of my hosting here to...

27th November 2002 20:11

eh...i prefer windows.

27th November 2002 20:11

i no the ^r will give u the regualr green as if you are chatting regularly (not team_chat).And yes i...

29th November 2002 12:11

whew there we changed our DNS services again to offer you even more space lol. now there is no limit...

2nd December 2002 09:12