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I haven't been able too find a program to open the .gui global files:( . Can someone please tell me...

21st August 2004 21:08

Is there anything similar to Armada 2's "Westworlds Big Book of Modding" for BC? It's basically 300...

15th June 2005 14:06

Like me....

18th July 2005 04:07

I've been having trouble with multiplayer for about a day now. BC can't connect to the Gamespy serve...

25th July 2005 22:07

Yes, but I have to use Firefox because I get spyware from IE. My friend accidentally used it a coupl...

26th July 2005 00:07

I never installed Gamespy, I guess it just installed with BC. How do you update?

26th July 2005 17:07

Turbo 4, I tried what you said and turned off the system restore. I scanned with Ad-Aware SE and Mic...

26th July 2005 22:07

Try uninstalling the game, and deleting the BC folder (C:\Program Files\Activision\Bridge Commander)...

8th August 2005 19:08

THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I'm gonna enjoy getting my ship blown up now!!!!!

6th June 2005 21:06

Wow! I love the textures! Looks just like it did in Scorpion. Can't wait for it too be released.

9th August 2005 17:08


9th August 2005 20:08

There's an official thread for ship requests. Post it overthere.

28th August 2005 06:08

I'm not able to play Halo online anymore! Whenever I hit "Get Lists", a pop-up window comes saying "...

11th September 2005 03:09

I've never heard of those!!!! Where are they!!!!!! I must download!!!

6th June 2005 21:06

Thanks everyone.:bows:

22nd August 2004 15:08

Major Payne, The problem isn't the hps . . . //Max Shield Strength & Begining Shield Strength &...

30th January 2005 05:01

Hi everyone,:cya: I was wondering how you make a starship for Armada 2. Also, what programs you y...

23rd August 2004 02:08

How about the Yellowstone-class runabout from the Voyager episode Non-Sequiter:lookaround:

23rd August 2004 02:08


23rd August 2004 13:08

Make a mod of it. What else??:rolleyes: :beer:

23rd August 2004 13:08

If you do make the Yellowstone class runabout, it would be cool to have a special weapon that vented...

28th August 2004 01:08

I was trying to edit odf files, to make battles and ships more cannon (strengthen borg cube, make de...

29th January 2005 04:01

Thanks for your help everyone. And about the drone compliment, I checked on and the com...

29th January 2005 19:01

Joelteon, where do I add shieldprotection=1

29th January 2005 20:01

Sherman, Joelteon, I tried the stuff you guys said, but it didn't work. I have been testing the cube...

30th January 2005 04:01
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