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*dies* I cannot wait any longer for HL2

20th September 2004 04:09

I can't see any threads about this, although Im exactly sure what searh words to use, but anyway I...

25th March 2007 20:03

I'm not sure if it's a mutator controlled mod or not, if it isn't then you may be stuck with it Did...

29th March 2007 23:03

it's working now, it was the firewall

27th March 2007 01:03

I could try pressing enter, or make a little mark (woth blutac or something) where the enter is on m...

26th March 2007 21:03

same as normal, put in the disk and click install and I used the KM self installer, it's worked befo...

26th March 2007 00:03

I think you need to have the transport torpedoes mod first, although I'm not sure

17th March 2007 01:03

hmm, I thought it came with KM, odd. I searched BC files for the mod but couldn't find it, sorry. I...

3rd April 2007 16:04

you have to fix the file for transport nukes, there is a link to a fixed file if someone knows where...

15th March 2007 23:03

I get the same as ^, never need to install the patch, don't know why

2nd March 2007 14:03

why wouldn't it be compatible with KM? KM is a load of mods such as ships and extra command functi...

27th February 2007 02:02

under the config menu there should be the menu for mutators, turn them on Also, make sure you have...

26th February 2007 01:02

I guess you know to turn on the mutator? how did you install it?

25th February 2007 23:02

thanks for the update and the fixes dave, good to know you are still thinking sbout future BSG ships

4th April 2007 13:04

there is the andromeda, but that's all

25th February 2007 01:02

this isn't stargate he's talking about, I think he just wants normal earth vehicles like boats and p...

7th May 2007 13:05

by "it" do you mean the game? if so downloading it is illegal and should not be discussed, if you me...

11th May 2007 03:05

excellent news, I only got into BSG a couple of months ago but had downloaded the BSG pack anyway, b...

8th May 2007 07:05

CONOR1992;3665195good news but wats happening with stargate pack 3 he said that will be finished th...

8th May 2007 00:05

I always thought it would be interesting to have WW2 planes in the game, just for a laugh

7th May 2007 16:05

I would just like to say that in the past I have done exactly what you said jb76, and I couldn't get...

5th April 2007 17:04

ok, well its a shame but fair enough

6th May 2007 08:05

the main problem is the majority of the shots are just starbug exploding lol, but if you need some s...

5th May 2007 16:05

That's terrible news, I have the dvds if there are any specific shots you want, although they weren'...

5th May 2007 13:05

there is already a warp core, and an ejection mod

29th April 2007 13:04