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I have yet to buy BF V.  Still not sure about it due to feature incompleteness and fear of EA doing...

7th February 2019 15:02

Not to mention if the US government does try to help people live a healthier life, usually through r...

6th February 2019 16:02

Posted by RadioactiveLobsterNice to see this coming to games where it makes sense. Agreed.  I thi...

15th January 2019 09:01

Posted by RadioactiveLobsterTest Did you get the results yet?

15th January 2019 09:01

I got this free on PC when Bungie was releasing it for free. With this news, I actually might try it...

15th January 2019 09:01

Oh man, don't get me started on the "wonderful" American healthcare system. I don't know what's wor...

15th January 2019 08:01

Good.  I need communism!

15th September 2018 23:09

Posted by Mr. MattWho or what is a James Heany? ^This. If only I could be paid to play games.  I...

15th September 2018 23:09

I'd play, but I'm too scared of losing.

5th September 2018 23:09

What's impressive is that he hasn't been impeached yet. This guy might have more dirt on him than N...

5th September 2018 23:09

Hopefully, if Trump is impeached or loses in 2020, everything he did pertaining to foreign policy ge...

31st August 2018 13:08

I'm curious what happened to Fallouts 5 - 75.

1st June 2018 05:06

E3 has been "meh" for me for a while, largely because I'm too cynical of the hype.

1st June 2018 05:06

I gotta say, a wireless mouse is a blessing if you have to use a laptop to play games.  I can totall...

23rd March 2018 05:03

I've never played games with a fancy mouse.  It's probably why I've always done poorly online.

23rd March 2018 01:03

Meteorology. I do have a master's degree in it that isn't doing anything else for me.

23rd March 2018 00:03

Is this Thompson's Lamp?

22nd March 2018 22:03

Posted by MrFancypants Must say I was a little surprised to...

16th February 2018 14:02

Does this UT has Assault or Onslaught/Conquest yet?

14th January 2018 17:01

Of what I bought and was released in 2017?I guess the Turok 2 remaster.

14th January 2018 14:01

I really don't play MP shooters anymore. :<Payday 2 might count.  It's co-op.

11th January 2018 18:01

RadioActiveLobster Not giving a shit about your stats or KDR is great. When people bitch at me abou...

9th December 2017 00:12

I'm just average. XD Plus, my favorite modes in UT and UT2K4 were Assault and Onslaught because obj...

7th December 2017 21:12

I really don't play much competitive multiplayer anymore.  Anxiety makes it hard for me to want to p...

6th December 2017 16:12

1. Kerbal Space Program (2115 hours officially.  ~3000+ including modded installs that Steam doesn't...

27th November 2017 02:11