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Payday 2, though I end up playing that all day. That, or Kerbal Space Program.

27th November 2017 02:11

So this is Discord now?

27th November 2017 01:11

[SIZE="1"][COLOR="SeaGreen"]/me kills it.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

25th January 2010 02:01

Red Menace;5220158How can we have fake awards for fake awards? [SIZE="1"][COLOR="SeaGreen"]Because...

24th January 2010 23:01

[SIZE="1"][COLOR="SeaGreen"]5,636 posts lulz.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

24th January 2010 19:01

[SIZE="1"][COLOR="SeaGreen"]You're lucky. I got set on fire.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

24th January 2010 18:01

[SIZE="7"][COLOR="Red"]Speak English or die![/COLOR][/SIZE]

24th January 2010 17:01

[SIZE="1"][COLOR="SeaGreen"]It's nothing new.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

24th January 2010 17:01


24th January 2010 17:01

[SIZE="1"][COLOR="SeaGreen"]I guess.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

24th January 2010 17:01

[SIZE="1"][COLOR="SeaGreen"]Well what?[/COLOR][/SIZE]

24th January 2010 17:01

[SIZE="1"][COLOR="SeaGreen"]He's a pen0r-obsessed rotating bird. Of course he loves those words.[/C...

24th January 2010 16:01

[SIZE="1"][COLOR="SeaGreen"]Good idea.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

24th January 2010 16:01

Those are quite large. I know you'll size them down, but the green splatter in the left side will s...

24th January 2010 16:01

[SIZE="7"][COLOR="SeaGreen"]Who the fuck stole my petition!?[/COLOR][/SIZE]

24th January 2010 15:01

[SIZE="1"][COLOR="SeaGreen"]We should attack.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

24th January 2010 15:01

Unreal. Back to the basics I guess.

24th January 2010 04:01

Crazy and smart (Lecter) over just plain crazy (Bateman).

24th January 2010 04:01

As a fellow Christian, I welcome you to the forums. It's a great place here. Read the FAQ, enjoy y...

24th January 2010 04:01

Mine is an older model that came with a disc, but it has that extra crap on it. I would think that...

24th January 2010 02:01

[SIZE="1"][COLOR="SeaGreen"]It reads color now. You've been caught.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

25th January 2010 01:01

[SIZE="1"][COLOR="SeaGreen"]So, did everyone enjoy their water?[/COLOR][/SIZE] Killer Kyle;5221874A...

27th January 2010 15:01

Inyri Forge;5220662Now, BACK TO MY FACE! [SIZE="1"][COLOR="SeaGreen"]Your face is back to your face...

25th January 2010 11:01

[SIZE="1"][COLOR="SeaGreen"]Don't take my llamas w/o permission.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

28th January 2010 22:01


28th January 2010 22:01