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Hi folks i really like this mod and im a modder too. So i thought, hey why not continue this mod? of...

22nd April 2010 00:04

u can add this into the unitcode: Space_Automatic 0.0 0.01 0.0 5.0 No...

9th August 2010 04:08

U can make this kind of changes in about 5 mins so many mods can have this changes. i doubt anyone c...

29th August 2010 18:08

U find the maps under the custom map tab in skirmish.

26th August 2010 20:08

put it in there: gamedirectory/Data/Custom Maps i have myself two maps in there and they work ingam...

25th August 2010 20:08

u need the modpath command because thats where ur mod is. this command tells the game look in gamedi...

23rd August 2010 16:08

i have an idea. change: Corvette corvette maybe that: Corvette | AntiFighter | AntiBomber th...

10th August 2010 19:08

it will work or the game will crash XD

10th August 2010 02:08

but he dont want that the corvette move like a fighter ...

9th August 2010 19:08

just add it like a normal squadron: Tartan_Patrol_Cruiser, 2 5 Tartan_Patrol_Cruiser, 4

9th August 2010 04:08

but if u take the minor heros like the fleetcommander as basis it should work.

7th August 2010 19:08

i dont recommend it, cause it will lagg like hell. set the cap at 60 or something like that. ps. i...

19th September 2010 17:09

y i think so too. i know what to do, but i cant explain it in english -.-

4th August 2010 19:08

_237th_SC_Com_Bly;5370850umm sorry i dont really follow you, and i already purch the groudnunits the...

3rd August 2010 21:08

woot? looks kinda very nice :P i like it. keep it going!

25th July 2010 17:07

lol ... didnt know that. now i know why some units wont show up in my mod XD

23rd July 2010 19:07

ofc it is.

21st July 2010 02:07

D3matt;5362607Well, here is the code for the hardpoints on the turretted venator model. Looks pretty...

20th July 2010 18:07

woot? 100% chance of block and redict? is the effect staying forever? or is there a timelimit? du...

20th July 2010 18:07

D3matt;5356822The first thing I notice is that every bone is connected to the root. All the other mo...

12th July 2010 18:07

i think it depends on the fetures.

7th September 2010 19:09

Hallo, well heres my problem. In the past i often played FoC but then i got other things to do. No...

21st September 2010 22:09

i think the ship. but maybe both. so the root of the turret is connected with the root of the model.

10th July 2010 17:07

this must be edited Shuttle_Tyderium ofc u need to write down ur spaceship here. and for the spaces...

13th October 2010 03:10

You could post your code. The problem could be Tech LVL, Req. Planets/Buildings, buildlimit or is...

17th November 2010 01:11