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u want them to stick together in a real formation or do u mean the animation of their movement?

25th June 2010 17:06

the icons must be in the mt_commandbar file. most mods have it but i dont know how to get the file e...

25th June 2010 17:06

Do u have the german version/u play the game in german?

25th June 2010 17:06

one thing: FoC is really cheap nowadays ...

6th June 2010 16:06

yeah noticed that too ... weird

23rd May 2010 16:05

woot what a nice card. how much electricity u need for that card? cause i dunno if my power supply c...

6th June 2010 16:06

lol i cant even play equal footing cause it laggs too much (on every resolution) and my pc is not th...

5th June 2010 17:06

the population cap is defined in the faction.xmls.

4th June 2010 21:06

Same problem here with my mod. i cant play some campain maps. but dunno whats the problem.

3rd June 2010 21:06

try Target Location: Star Wars Empire at War Forces of Corruption

31st May 2010 22:05

google is your friend ... there are tons of tutorials. pls inform yourself first and then if you hav...

30th May 2010 23:05

with fighters u can do such a thing. the only thing u need is a container unit. i have a model that...

30th May 2010 15:05

the only thing to do now is to add the Republic_Class_Star_Destroyer in ur starbase.xml under skirmi...

28th May 2010 19:05

u must add some stuff this must be added: YesNoNo this should be added: LandHero | SpaceHero this...

27th May 2010 20:05

ok thx but what flak? in what scene at the beginning is a flak?

26th November 2010 21:11