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i lost my first cd. down anyone know how to play without one. if u do please reply

5th September 2005 22:09

so i want to make my own sound pack. i made the sounds, i labled them i think correctly and i put th...

10th July 2006 12:07

I HAVE INFO FOR TANKS: the fastest way to kill a tank is 2, TWO, rockets to the front treds. this k...

2nd May 2006 09:05

well i'm american and i don't know how much 100 pounds = in dollars, i'm gonna go ahead and guess it...

2nd May 2006 09:05

hey i'm a gunny too! neato [editedby=Merrick] Stay on topic please[/editedby]

2nd May 2006 09:05

i made a map once, it worked dandy

14th May 2006 02:05

when did they release 1.3? am i late on this one?

24th May 2006 03:05

do you seriously need an aim-bot? i'm sorry but that's just sad. it's like if you got layed and say...

26th May 2006 23:05

i was wondering if anyone knew the console command to turn off the HUD when you are in spectator mod...

26th May 2006 23:05

did you just tell this kid to go buy a new pc or a $500 vid card??? are you insane?????? :spam:

27th May 2006 02:05

i have that exact same gfx card, but i overclocked it to 400mhz and i can run it with most everythin...

19th June 2006 08:06

in the bf2 menu part, click on the "community" button and it should be there on the right. although...

2nd July 2006 07:07

taitbeing bf2 it still wont hit the enemy but fly off and tk a blackhawk HAHA hahaha so so true. da...

4th July 2006 09:07

it doesn't sound like he knows much about computers and all this ram talk might confuse him a little...

16th July 2006 10:07

they're a little boxy but a lot better than what i could do

27th April 2006 04:04

lee-enfields and springfields look totally different, yeah they're both wood, the the bolt and the s...

16th July 2006 10:07

to the guy who said something about M16s and how it takes 9 shots in the chest to get someone, that'...

29th July 2006 08:07

how does one go around doing this?

29th July 2006 09:07

and why would you need that?

29th July 2006 09:07

VossFight your way through knee diving rpk noobs and grenade using tking noobs and finaly reach your...

30th July 2006 05:07

holy crap meadow your sig is hilarious. high five just for that. anyway, i bet mr. hillary clinton...

1st August 2006 09:08

try quitting and reopening the game. it did it to me when i unlocked my G36E. i was pissed.

2nd August 2006 05:08

hahahahahha. that would be one of my favorite PotDs ever. definitly better than todays. i mean damn....

3rd August 2006 10:08

i have an idea. you should call it :"Thing rear you went away great war 2"

5th August 2006 03:08

i usually say "ZOMG *insert name* PWND!!!" or "LOL HEASHOT ZOMG!" whenever i kill someone. especiall...

5th August 2006 03:08