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I have tried to press the tidle (~) key to get into the console screen but its not working... can an...

22nd October 2004 19:10

My investigation ended with a mutilated body and lots of blo- Wait... If you're here, then who the...

29th April 2011 05:04

Insinuating that you are not in exile already. inb4 went to party hours ago.

30th April 2011 13:04

Maybe it's a couch with jets? :cool:

30th April 2011 12:04

I was in space once. I died so I decided I didn't like it so I came back to planet... eh-arth.

30th April 2011 11:04

Instant spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaccee

30th April 2011 11:04


30th April 2011 10:04


30th April 2011 09:04


30th April 2011 09:04

Oh god, you've given people ideas now =|

30th April 2011 06:04

He plays it that much, it wouldn't suprise me in the slightest if he actually imagined a pixel porn...

30th April 2011 05:04

y u no sleep?

29th April 2011 21:04

True that but then he went to bed right after posting. Dem parties, man.

29th April 2011 19:04

I like inanimate bananas :(

29th April 2011 10:04

:mad: ▲ ▲ ▲

29th April 2011 10:04

Oh bananas.

29th April 2011 10:04

Is... is that what killed him?

28th April 2011 22:04

Oh noes, a mod! *Hides behind Lindale and refuses to speak if spoken to* EDIT: Quick reply, y u ma...

1st May 2011 03:05

I did? I don't recall saying such things... But yes, baguettes and cheese. This food is the bestest...

26th April 2011 07:04

23rd April 2011 14:04

Lots of facepalming going on here. D=

24th April 2011 05:04

Raz0r;5496227I play Minecraft 27 hours a day? Spoiler: Show Nice work, Silver =P

24th April 2011 23:04

Spike, the popcorn has been burnt! Make us some snacks, pronto!

25th April 2011 00:04

Doesn't matter who it is, they brought popcorn! :rofl:

25th April 2011 06:04

Did someone mention baguettes :D?

26th April 2011 07:04