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Weapon: mosin-nagant map: omaha beach 1944 vehicle: KT and IS2

28th May 2004 20:05

hi all i have found the Somua in the object.rfa and i want to ask why is it not in game?? i have...

23rd June 2004 12:06

ventrilo and Fh works on my PC

5th June 2004 21:06

the deployable 88's is on battleaxe

8th June 2004 20:06

i know but its the only way to use the deployable 88's on FHX

8th June 2004 21:06

but whats with gold beach

10th June 2004 08:06

hi all i have a problem ich tryed to get the m1 garand into bocage. i have edit the init.con and ev...

14th June 2004 21:06

no there is the no4

14th June 2004 22:06

what files must i edit too to get the damage??

14th June 2004 22:06

2.4 ghz amd athlon 512 mb ddram 333mhz geforce fx 5600 and ic have no problems with loading speeds

17th June 2004 13:06

FH = Forgotten Hope a mod for bf 1942 aberdeen is already in FH or not i have play it online yester...

17th June 2004 18:06

hi guys does someone know a program where i can make dss files because i want to make some new text...

17th June 2004 18:06

ok thx

17th June 2004 20:06

no but its good for an RTR minimod

23rd June 2004 14:06

look at that this is the meteor of Operation Anubis ;) ;)

5th October 2004 17:10

i have something for all who had the WaW Mappack 1. i have made Tundra for FHX!! :smokin: and i t...

23rd June 2004 16:06

open the object.rfa and than under items you will find every thing you need.

24th June 2004 11:06

if you know something about .rfa files. you have to open the rfa from the map and than in the init.c...

24th June 2004 21:06

this sounds really unbalanced

25th June 2004 11:06

but you can get the codes from RTR

27th June 2004 07:06

the garand rockz

29th June 2004 16:06

its already in game i have made it on one map but its sooooo buggy

19th July 2004 14:07

play operation anubis :D :D

30th August 2004 15:08

hi guys i have convertet some Dice maps to FH the maps are battleaxe berlin Kharkov kursk omaha_...

25th September 2004 13:09

please the CTD bug on all Co-op pacific maps and put more Barbie-KTs in :rofl: :rofl:

28th September 2004 14:09