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-_-* I'm getting sick of this damn console argument. Who knew opinions could cause such a waste of a...

11th January 2005 10:01

this is strange..... This problem is so common with the PS2 yet I have had mine for approximately 3....

12th February 2005 05:02

according to ign, the PS3 is going to be around $350 in the US. Xbox fanboys just can't take the fac...

2nd June 2005 01:06

where did you get that information? From what I know, it's going for the PS3.

28th May 2005 04:05

who told you that?

28th May 2005 04:05

No, that is not true. And besides, why would anybody at a conferemce bulls**t us anyway?

27th May 2005 06:05

tellmeplziwantitwat the **** why i ourt to teh xbox rules so watch ur mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

24th March 2005 07:03

I wish everyone would just shut up about this topic. It is truely pointless! Anyways, I prefer PS2 a...

24th March 2005 07:03

why does this arguement still continue?

15th March 2005 08:03

Is there a definite price on the PSP yet in America?

2nd March 2005 09:03

Xbox2 will NOT have FF, they don't deserve it. Oh, and Square-Enix wanted to go to Sony anyways beca...

2nd March 2005 09:03

1st March 2005 06:03


23rd January 2005 08:01

Since I've used Sony for about 7 years, there is no way I'm getting a DS. Besides, my favorite game...

12th January 2005 11:01


23rd January 2005 08:01


23rd January 2005 08:01

How did N64 get in this thread? I have one that just rots in the corner of my room.

17th January 2005 13:01

Man, i've never had any of these problems with mine and I've had it for 4 years......O.o

14th January 2005 10:01

I don't think they will put it on PC :( It's a console exclusive i think

14th January 2005 10:01

I don't think everyone who gets it is gonna drop a 200 pound TV on it though. I was thinking about g...

14th January 2005 10:01

of course! Sony's the best! :)

14th January 2005 09:01

Mine would have to be Gran Turismo 3 and NFSU2. I also like the ATV Offroad Fury series.

14th January 2005 09:01

Definetly the 3rd one. It has the best graphics of all of them obviuosly.

13th January 2005 08:01

I am definetly getting the Ps3. :):D

12th January 2005 22:01

So hating Halo makes me a faggot? How so? Ps2 doesnt't suck!

12th January 2005 22:01
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