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play with everything on higih and the shaders on medium.. it will run perfect

29th March 2008 23:03

if your are running dx 10.. put everything very high but keep shaders st either medium or high.. wh...

30th March 2008 10:03

I have the bare minimum for crysis.. 6800 agp.. its total crap i know.. but, it runs crysis not bad...

9th April 2008 19:04

I don't know what to say. Make sure all drivers on your hardware is up to date, and welcome to the...

9th April 2008 19:04

yea.. serio is correct with the AA.. turn it up to get rid of the jaggies

17th April 2008 23:04

refresh time?.. do you have a set amount on how much you can download?

29th January 2008 02:01

i have a 6800gt and i played with everything on high but shaders.. i know the shaders are pretty muc...

5th May 2008 19:05

All i can say is aperture science didn't really have a history until portal came out. I'm sure someo...

1st July 2008 00:07

if the guy wants it for multilayer.. don't help him.. hes just going to be cheating..

27th July 2008 21:07

you'll be able to run it decent with what you have.. but pretty much any card thats better will run...

7th August 2008 01:08

that futureshop computer will do the trick for you ONLY if you upgrade the GPU after you buy it

7th August 2008 23:08

the major lack of enemies is very disappointing.. there are only 2 kinds of enemies.. 1= all the s...

27th October 2008 13:10

"When their only experience of humanity was a crowbar coming at them down a steel corridor"... Whe...

19th July 2009 20:07

All their games have been released in november.. L4D2 is coming out this fall.. so it will probably...

21st July 2009 18:07

i agree with everything you said.. it looks lame.. but im gonna see it as well anyways

21st February 2008 09:02

steam takes up like no usage of your internet at all.. what kind of high speed do you have? it must...

28th January 2008 13:01

I don't think thats the g-man.. there was a scientist in hl2 that kinda looked like him.. that might...

10th November 2007 07:11

oh well.. who thinks Eli is gonna be brought back to life by the vorts?.. i dont

17th November 2007 11:11

Does anyone know how to open hl2 .mdl files in 3ds max 9?

10th November 2007 07:11

indeed it's breen

10th November 2007 14:11

i would like to open ep2's hot rod's engine and put a supercharger on it.. i know that there were pl...

11th November 2007 01:11

i know.. they are for max 8 and down.. im just gonna have to get wait i guess

11th November 2007 11:11

be sure to play half life 2 before the episodes.. it ruins the story if you play it in the wrong ord...

11th November 2007 11:11

i have no clue.. i just got max 8 so i got it all working.. thanks for all your help though

12th November 2007 08:11

yea.. he was pretty sweet

14th November 2007 02:11