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Dueling Nightmare

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Where can I find this file? I type : NPC spawn and it says something NCPCs.cfg So I have to do gues...

3rd August 2003 09:08

reborn reborn_dual reborn_new reborn_staff reborn_twin rebornacrobat rebornboss rebornchiss rebornfe...

22nd September 2003 01:09 Not working? Try h...

11th October 2003 05:10

I did. Anyone wanna play?? WIth rancoses?

4th October 2003 08:10

I spawned ragnos in mp and no trouble and it can be killed. Even the mutant rancor can be killed. M...

4th October 2003 08:10

MMM i played with desanns and it was fun seeying him get eaten..

3rd October 2003 05:10

This is fun!!!!!!! I spawned desann and luke - fun for all

2nd October 2003 11:10

ummm ok... just type npc spawn vehicle (vehicle) duh..

2nd October 2003 10:10

Sorry. It's lambdashuttle

24th September 2003 11:09

JediRanger3 open your aim once in a while plz

22nd September 2003 01:09

Yes, i will come here now and then. More: Alora assasin_droid atst atst_vehicle bartender bespinco...

22nd September 2003 01:09

Lol, good idea...

22nd September 2003 01:09

tried that at it stil no scepter.l

12th October 2003 04:10

Now try playermodel rancor (save first) funny as shit

21st September 2003 12:09

Light side....

21st September 2003 10:09

That is so easy with that cheat do it like a man

21st September 2003 03:09

Those pics wont work for me.. PLZ Help

21st September 2003 03:09

My precious record... Destroyed... :(

21st September 2003 03:09

Now do that like me: 1.Jedi Master level 2.No god mode 3.Only 2 jedis max to spawn Can you do it no...

20th September 2003 06:09

I beat the full and the demo (3times) on Jedi Master level, you?

19th September 2003 12:09

10 hours

19th September 2003 10:09

This stink 100% Why don't they sent the game to australia like kind people

19th September 2003 09:09

Nope, it's a lucasarts teaser..

11th October 2003 06:10

I use Fraps 2.0.0

12th October 2003 04:10

Dl a jamp.exe fix at or

19th September 2003 08:09