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Is there a doctor in the fish?

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Of course. Just the basics. Ammo, medkits, food and maybe a rare goody every great once-in-a-while.

9th April 2007 12:04

How about traveling merchants? Would be damn handy to have one of them hanging around the various wi...

9th April 2007 08:04

Thanks for the reply Mega. I'll also be keeping my eye on Openlancer.

8th April 2007 03:04

I would kill for a repair mod. Sure would make me feel better for dropping 30+ grand on armor, or ke...

6th April 2007 02:04

Mac Daddy# Uses a computer or the Internet what i love most is that he runs a site... this is a joke...

18th March 2005 21:03

I think the fact you had to ask on the internet is the answer in itself. No. Don't do it.

11th December 2004 19:12

Hey, no worries. Take your time. Real life problems come before modding. Also the Mac-10 mag size i...

12th November 2008 23:11
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