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You got karma! :)

11th December 2003 13:12

MG42Mann, you are a stupid, lame little boy. I won't even bother to use big, difficult words on you,...

10th December 2003 14:12

Hyvää joulua! >ÖÖÖ

23rd December 2003 19:12

I thought I might have a good time here, but so far I've only seen one flame worth reading. You're...

10th December 2003 14:12

Silly people. Very, very silly people. :)

10th December 2003 14:12

VeryPissedOffRoblol im trying to convince my socials teacher to show Tuntematon Sotilas.... to no av...

10th December 2003 13:12

Not necessarily through the hole. In BF/FH, if a tank shell explodes inside a building and sends you...

9th December 2003 09:12

D-fenceStrange, I play mostly on the full finnish VerkoGurrat server "VerkoGurrat" :lol:

8th December 2003 15:12

Good point. He's only a demi-god though, second to MG42Maniac

8th December 2003 15:12

Old GonorreaSuomi! Suomi! Suomi omistaa kaikki! MIKÄÄN EI VOITA SUOMEA! :rock: SAKSA OMISTAA HYVÄN...

8th December 2003 15:12

Well, I haven't actually played on their server, but I hear they have retarded admins, and kick and...

8th December 2003 13:12

'LIGHTNING [NL']God: *BANG!* sorry buddy, it's a FW 190 ;) You dumbass, GOD was supposed to shoot...

8th December 2003 13:12

BlitzPig_MachineIt's funny how some forum goers exaggerate the impact of their opinions. Dude, you'...

8th December 2003 12:12

Se on oikein, saatana! :D

8th December 2003 12:12

It made sense to me, although it was sort of silly and very poorly written. And the finns really di...

8th December 2003 12:12

Tuntematon Sotilas really is superb, I watch it every time it runs on Independance day. Talvisota is...

8th December 2003 12:12

I think that was the whole point. >_

22nd December 2003 10:12

You still haven't said if the elevators are in. :p

21st January 2004 19:01

Probably just a 1.6 hotfix.

3rd February 2004 16:02

But isn't it a 60% chance, though? 30% to spawn black, 30% to spawn asian, 40% chance to spawn cauca...

1st February 2004 15:02

Silly BAMmeu. :F~

3rd February 2004 16:02

Agreed. Put some more feeling into it and you're spot on. Nice, clear pronounciation and deep voice...

3rd February 2004 16:02

The Heinkel is a joke, it always gets shot down by T34s. -_________-

3rd February 2004 08:02

Old, but as hilarious as ever. :D

2nd February 2004 14:02

There's a great job at totally derailing the thread. And ArminAce: Me! \ö/ I sound like a teenager...

2nd February 2004 13:02