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Clan {HHx} are looking for skilled, mature, and competitive (play in tournys) type of players. If yo...

19th October 2004 10:10

well first thing yal probably don't know what Rave Master is but I actually think its a really cool...

26th February 2009 09:02

Maybe perhaps this can work or would it not?

20th March 2009 05:03

Say this looks pretty good kobra. I like it a lot. I hope you keep up the good work.

20th March 2009 05:03


18th March 2009 04:03

These look great. Looks kinda small though but it shouldn't be a major problem right?

18th March 2009 04:03

How come you dont like fanfics? Any particular reason?

18th March 2009 03:03

These look pretty good. Keep up the excellent work. =D

18th March 2009 02:03

Wow that looks awesome. I hope you can find a modder to do it. If i had some of my programs fixed to...

18th March 2009 00:03

Hey this is looking pretty good yal. Well its a good thing I made this thread then =D.

18th March 2009 00:03

im not sure if its even possible to get katas to bounce off walls.

2nd March 2009 10:03

I cant find a good tutorial for milkshape on how to make weapons for Jedi Academy. Can someone send...

25th February 2009 12:02

Hey Marshal this skin is coming out good. I cant wait to get it when released ^^. Keep up the good w...

27th January 2009 05:01

Say did anyone find out whether he will release it on here or not?

25th February 2009 12:02

ill try to talk to him. any way i can contact him? i would like to see if he can release it onto jk3...

18th February 2009 04:02

lol i know that is the ceremonial robe i just got kinda confused for a sec there. is he gonna releas...

17th February 2009 05:02

i looked at it and it shows that hes making the ceremonial robe not the adventurer robe lol. since...

16th February 2009 02:02

ok i have no idea if i can even make this kind of skin. i dont even think i can work on it lol. if s...

15th February 2009 11:02

well im hoping at least someone can make it look really realistic because for now i dont have the st...

14th February 2009 05:02

oh no i need the links for them. lol i tried to copy and paste them onto here. lol gimme a sec and i...

13th February 2009 10:02

Ive been looking through file after file to see if anyone has made this skin but apparently not. If...

13th February 2009 09:02

So Marshal hows it coming with nightmare so far by the way?

28th January 2009 09:01

Looks just fine to me but a bit too shiny is probably different in all of your opinions.

3rd April 2009 06:04