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Well I do apreciate the work done by the FH dev team, but this game lacks some of the elements that...

25th September 2004 19:09

Hell even if the sounds were stolen they still excist... They can just extract the sounds from the p...

25th September 2004 20:09

Well, first off, you should only put the CIS files in the Mods folder, and then the .bat should work...

14th March 2007 05:03

are the models in ISD vs VSD compatible with CIS?

23rd March 2007 06:03

Cool. Well, in regards to the next ship, I'd love to see a decent model of the MC80:)

24th March 2007 01:03

The Yuuzhan Vong are not a playable faction. Now, they control their own planet, much like the Corpo...

13th April 2007 02:04

So Avenger, how are the conversions comin' along? Or are you not doing them.

15th April 2007 01:04

Hey Avenger, can you post a DL link for ISd vs VSD v2, or did you only upload it on eawfiles?

17th April 2007 20:04

Okay, cool.:cool:

18th April 2007 00:04

:dropsjaw:Woah... Those are amazing! That Eta-2 is pretty dang good, too. Nice job, Avenger!:bows:

18th April 2007 04:04

Well, to get a larger ground reinforcement limit(for just from the start, with just your starting la...

28th April 2007 22:04

Okay, I THINK I've got it... go into starbases.xml, and change: 10 to 20, and it will give you that...

29th April 2007 18:04

Blast! sorry for the double... it won't let me edit... but my thought was wrong; discard my last pos...

29th April 2007 20:04

Hmm... did you update Halo? i got that problem too, but it was fixed after the update.

6th May 2007 17:05

Would it be possible for someone to make Halo 2's Battle Rifle for Kotor? I have no modelling skills...

10th July 2007 20:07