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Dread pwns me!

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Originally posted by VibratinDonkeyhead BF1942 has some copy protection of some kind. I think i got...

3rd January 2003 16:01

console is for sending commands to game.. btw i have to hit T & C :)

3rd January 2003 16:01

LOL the friendlyness of it here, if u are gonna be banned you have to do something stupid in here an...

3rd January 2003 16:01

DC is by far the better, as in other posts i have said about the same as u have just mentioned, CIS...

3rd January 2003 16:01

Originally posted by meanperson honestly, its for their own good. all the regulars have seen quest...

3rd January 2003 15:01

Damn your quick ;) got MSN & ICQ

3rd January 2003 07:01

don't have it on a webby, just on my pc.. lemme sling it in here. Only use icq and msn via trillian

3rd January 2003 06:01

hmmmmm why dont my post's show??

25th February 2003 00:02