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When I try to join a game in GS, it comes up: A game is currently running, and GameSpy Arcade is in...

21st April 2003 13:04

I'm having problems with the ingame browser in BF1942. #1 Restarting the game will give you a new l...

26th June 2003 23:06

Yes. The bf1942 1.4 patch is needed for dc.38 to work. :)

27th June 2003 14:06

Don't know how it got in the other thread Reborn? I didn't visit that one. :confused:

27th June 2003 14:06

Don't know how my post above got in here? It's from a different thread. Sorry! :spank:

27th June 2003 14:06


27th June 2003 05:06

Most servers can handle only a few players, so alot of the time it's the server causing the lag beca...

26th June 2003 23:06

Most cable servers can't handle more than about six to ten player, so a lot of the time it's the ser...

26th June 2003 23:06

Thanks! :cya:

11th June 2003 23:06

Do I have to uninstall GameSpy to use AllSeeing Eye? I use it for other games.

21st April 2003 21:04

How do you open the troop door on the hind to get out? Does it have to be done from the ****pit? :co...

11th June 2003 17:06

Thanks a mill!:dance:

1st June 2003 14:06

What key do you use to take screen shots? :confused:

1st June 2003 14:06

We're a group that enjoy getting together and chat on TeamSpeak while we play games. Right now we pl...

18th May 2003 16:05

Sound advice! If only more would live by it! :rock:

9th May 2003 10:05

Much thanks to all. :cya:

22nd April 2003 02:04

The Evil Twin! Take that :smack: Evil Twin!

28th June 2003 16:06