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ReevesHmm, it may reduce SOME lag, but I doubt you would be able to notice it. Depends on what compu...

26th October 2003 01:10

DriverSomeone tell these people this is a realism mod. :rolleyes: Actually, I think I'll ask the peo...

19th August 2004 21:08

Sounds good Sturmklinge, dling now.

12th August 2004 17:08

A cheap weapon like the PPSh is countered by another cheap weapon, rifle nade. Instagib the russain,...

14th August 2004 13:08

Because it's unrealistic to have an infinite, invisible wire attached to the expack.

15th August 2004 14:08

Nice update as usual, cheers! One small thing that bothers me tho - could the top gunner on the Jumb...

15th August 2004 18:08


16th August 2004 00:08

AceSI d just like to say thank you to Mp5 Killa and the Axis team on this very fragthenet server for...

16th August 2004 11:08

SS were definately not "just another army unit". And anyone who says "shut the fuck up" needs to ban...

18th August 2004 00:08

G.I. Bobreal tanks don't have a health bar :n0e: I think the hitboxes on tanks have issues. and th...

18th August 2004 12:08

Stealth3So their clearly trying to attract more people to bfvietnam using a half ass little mod they...

19th August 2004 02:08

Most servers do not have auto-balance on, nor are there admins present. Alot of FH players jump ship...

19th August 2004 21:08

UTHER[...] i mean if both sides were totaly balanced all the time then nobody would ever win youd j...

19th August 2004 21:08

torniI disagree. The original maps are usually very well balanced they only need to have right FH eq...

19th August 2004 21:08

Pics of the Type-100, for comparisons sake?

20th August 2004 20:08

http://perso.wanadoo.fr/bfoto/Ramelle_neuville-beta1_for_FH.exe is working for the moment.

12th August 2004 00:08

I agree with you Gauntlet. Medic class increases teamwork just like the engineer class. Teamwork is...

22nd August 2004 19:08

Jagdpanzer IV :heart:

23rd August 2004 04:08


24th August 2004 02:08

1. Tribes:Vengeance 2. World of Warcraft

24th August 2004 11:08

Englishboy: thanks for bringing the pics. :)

26th August 2004 03:08


31st August 2004 11:08

Penis envy.

4th September 2004 12:09

MeadowWell, if there is a medic put in, his only defence should be a scalpel instead of a knife, and...

5th September 2004 22:09

It's a bitch waiting for next FH, it always is... so play other games meanwhile! Anyway, this is a...

6th September 2004 12:09