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Now I don't know much about Bastogne but from what I have seen on the Band of Brothers episode, I'd...

23rd September 2003 10:09

na u could do it at 800x600 with graphics on medium, just put sound detail on medium, not low cos lo...

8th June 2004 07:06


15th February 2004 01:02


15th February 2004 01:02


15th February 2004 01:02


15th February 2004 01:02

use the edit button

15th February 2004 01:02

whos killor

15th February 2004 02:02

I played CoD 1.0 when It first game out. It was the best game. The only thing I thought was wrong wi...

6th May 2004 11:05

SovetskeeyBitch bitch complain complain complain keep it to yourself, put your copy of CoD on eBay,...

7th May 2004 07:05

expansion? btw inbuilt voice chat? no way.

7th May 2004 07:05

SimonS.Each time I play this game I enter a server in a good mood, And when I leave (5-10 minutes la...

10th May 2004 13:05

How do i make an icon on my desktop, which, when i open it, it creates an internet/lan multiplayer s...

15th May 2004 01:05

i used to have a tnt2 32mb version and it ran fine....

8th June 2004 13:06

thats a nice picture of you SimonS

15th February 2004 01:02

boost a jeep into mid air, and jump out of the jeep in to a plane, after the initial pilot in the p...

9th June 2004 09:06


10th June 2004 11:06

no there isnt a map pack, just reinstall

10th June 2004 11:06

or just eat some poo and the take on a dump in mcdonalds

12th June 2004 13:06

the pro idiots site is up now thanks to me: seeya on the battlefield...

2nd July 2004 11:07

hey, the new professional idiots website is up: enjoy

3rd July 2004 07:07

should be working now

3rd July 2004 12:07

the thing in bf2 im most looking forward to is Battlefield 2. i dunno why people complain and say th...

3rd July 2004 12:07

Firstly, I think the panzerfaust 30 is useless because, you have to get slow close to a tank to hit...

3rd July 2004 12:07


3rd July 2004 16:07