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Ugh! I tried but I cannot do it! Im so flipping confused! If anyone can do it I will be really happy...

26th June 2009 06:06

Good luck! i will be looking forward with your project!:p

26th June 2009 06:06

I can't Play her :l I can't see her in the place where you choose your character.

26th June 2009 22:06

Thanks Forceboat

4th July 2009 22:07

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So much!!

27th June 2009 22:06

Great lightsaber! I can't wait until the Ahsoka Model comes out :D

28th June 2009 23:06

Hey everybody! Since i am hopeless at modeling I am hoping that someone could make me a padme ep two...

2nd July 2009 00:07

Okay I'll try and get in touch with her

2nd July 2009 22:07

Okay I sent her an email lets hope she replies Oops I double posted sorry!

2nd July 2009 23:07

Er.. I looked at my email and it said it did not send, I tried to send the email again and it failed...

3rd July 2009 22:07

Thank you :)

3rd July 2009 23:07

I have a few questions about this mod: Where can you get it? Can you play offline? Thanks :)

10th April 2010 02:04
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