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I wannna be in this clan but i will never come

30th April 2005 03:04

Hazard Trooper is Not Going to Fit this Model's Mesh it Just Not the Same... I would Suggest Learni...

15th July 2006 20:07

Does it say, ''Run Time Error''? I have that same problem if so.

18th November 2006 20:11

This fixes all missing textures.. from jk2 maps.. Here you go dude.. just put the pk3.. in your bas...

9th November 2006 10:11

yeah.. i have it.. i was gonna use the old one for personal reasons.. me and some jk2 friends were g...

8th November 2006 00:11

Hi, Well.. i have this map.. jedicouncilgc for ja.. and it works fine except in little parts there a...

8th November 2006 00:11

um...;20459 Download That Go...

29th July 2006 08:07

i think its great...

27th July 2006 23:07

xD Comments People Comments...

22nd July 2006 07:07

:) i have a good feeling this clan is gonna start of somewhere... ~ I'm Currently In a Clan... But...

19th July 2006 22:07

Sorry to Just Throw Stuff at You but... Usually Models Are Not Made just like that.... I Mean Not...

16th July 2006 00:07

No i am Not German i just Used an Online Translator To See if i could help you Out.

15th July 2006 20:07

/amsit :P on Japlus Servers. -Night_Wing

8th January 2007 06:01

:o Ouch...

14th July 2006 02:07

German: Hallo Dort besteht das Problem darin, dass die Säbel im Server nicht installiert werden, de...

14th July 2006 01:07

he is i believe

13th July 2006 23:07

sorry im a little slow :p is there gonna be a jk4?

13th July 2006 22:07

kk i will

9th July 2006 05:07

what server?

9th July 2006 03:07

Sure thing

9th July 2006 03:07

i do have jk2 but unfortuantly uninstalled :(

9th July 2006 03:07

ok.. hmm meet me at ASAP

9th July 2006 03:07

-Nice Little Clan you have there, I'll Consider joining :)

25th December 2006 19:12

Gaming Forums. :rolleyes:

28th April 2007 15:04

Hey all im looking for an RPG Clan not a Final Fantasy RPG CLan Sorry :p. but.... heres some stuff...

9th July 2006 02:07