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Can you do this hilt for me please?

8th December 2009 05:12

Understood! thank you very much ^^

10th June 2010 20:06

here are some more pics: Spoiler: Show Spoiler: Show Spoiler: Show I've spent like an hour or so...

9th June 2010 14:06

Here are new pics: Spoiler: Show Spoiler: Show Spoiler: Show Any tips what to improve etc?

9th June 2010 17:06

here is it edged : Spoiler: Show Spoiler: Show Spoiler: Show

9th June 2010 20:06

I tweaked it a bit PICS!: Spoiler: Show Spoiler: Show Spoiler: Show I saw the body model, an...

10th June 2010 03:06

I'll remove them later, right now i don't worry much, i have only 487 verts and 331 faces

10th June 2010 04:06

I aint sure what ''quads'' means, and i think that the model is accurate, i've got only details to f...

10th June 2010 04:06

The saber has a .skin file :O

10th June 2010 23:06

3ds max, sorry i haven't said earlier.

9th June 2010 05:06

xD, it happens...

11th June 2010 01:06

Here are some new pics, with a neck: Spoiler: Show Spoiler: Show

11th June 2010 02:06

To the new sith order mod, i see the characters are finished and everything, have they been publishe...

24th June 2010 22:06

Anyone got any of the models?

25th June 2010 22:06

Yeh, but there are alot of talon models, while there are no Nihl or Krayt models.

27th June 2010 01:06

Pande;5345049"Pande.... a contract lol? " Yep theres a non-disclosure agreement that also says that...

27th June 2010 01:06

So obvious i couldn't find it xd, thanks for the info, i'll get on with the model.

9th June 2010 05:06

do you know how to do what i asked maybe?

9th June 2010 05:06

Well, I'm really new to modding and everything, but I made a model of a saber, and it's good(to me a...

5th June 2010 04:06

Does anyone have the md3 export plugin for 3ds max 9?

5th June 2010 20:06

Yes, i know, but there's alot of stuff to mess with, and it always turns out wrong when i do it... i...

5th June 2010 04:06

Well, any volunteers? :P i made that model, and i enjoyed doing so, + it's the first thing i ever tr...

5th June 2010 06:06

I got back to it now, and here's the progress, please do mind this IS my first thing from the scratc...

5th June 2010 08:06

yes, there are tutorials on youtube, but they don't explain it well, it aint much help, so, for now...

5th June 2010 15:06

I skinned through most of it, and pressed a "wrong" button -.- and now i have to do it all over

5th June 2010 17:06
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