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-.- it didn't work, and sarcasm isn't very useful atm. EDIT: I skinned it, all i need now is a md3...

5th June 2010 18:06

Damn, is there any other way to do it? EDIT: anyone willing to export it for me?

5th June 2010 21:06

Well, here's the model, i worked on it for about 30 mins, and keep in mind that it's my first model...

9th June 2010 04:06

The thing is, I made a hilt, skinned it and whenever i try exporting it, my 3ds max crashes, i have...

6th June 2010 01:06

So, basically, i'm screwed? T_T

6th June 2010 03:06

I dl'd gmax, tried to open my model, and i can't, so i am prolly screwed :S

6th June 2010 03:06

open. EDIT: when i try import i get : No appropriate import module found, improper file format is t...

6th June 2010 04:06

Can't import :/ EDIT: found what i had to do, i exported from 3ds max as .3ds. 2nd edit: still, i c...

6th June 2010 04:06

I'm able to export it, but now i have too much poly XD

6th June 2010 16:06

Well, here's the deal: The hilt is made, textured and everything, but when shaders are put on it, th...

8th June 2010 22:06

How bout, instead you take gimp/photoshop, circle around the zones you want, press CTRL-U, and tweak...

3rd August 2010 22:08
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