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Hi I'm new here and I need your help. On Monday I bought Jedi Outcast for Gamecube and played it for...

29th July 2004 10:07

I've found about a half a dozen ROTJ saber hilts out there and not one of them have the correct sabe...

6th August 2009 03:08

Okay I finally figured out how to alter and overwrite the npc files, but I have no idea how to same...

13th July 2010 11:07

how do I put them into a pk3 file? And will these npcs work if they're initially saved as any kind o...

13th July 2010 04:07

hey everyone. I'm trying to edit some NPC files for JA in single player mode because I want to kill...

13th July 2010 03:07

actually I was able to get help on jkhub. so thanks for pointing me in that direction.

20th August 2009 12:08

Thanks. I'll get right down there and check it out.

20th August 2009 05:08

Okay I need a little help with something in Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight. I want to change the sound...

20th August 2009 02:08

do I type "save config" in the console? or do I just press the F12 button to do it automatically?

7th August 2009 00:08

Hmmm. I'll give this a try tommorow.

6th August 2009 11:08

Actually I managed to find an infinite ammo mod on the classic Jk2 files website yesterday. It works...

31st July 2009 10:07

So your saying that it's impossible? And MeusH, what did you mean by: do I have "console" I have Gam...

29th July 2004 22:07

Okay now I can't fire my weapon at all. How do I fix it?

29th July 2009 00:07

That requires though that I make the mod myself though right? I'm really not much of a programmer an...

29th July 2009 00:07

There's no infinite amnmo code in Jedi Outcast. There's a replenish ammo code, but I've used that to...

28th July 2009 23:07

I've been searching high and low for a regular infinite ammo mod, but all of them have an extremely...

28th July 2009 13:07

Not one person can help?

31st July 2004 22:07

Just this afternoon I was trying to install JKII onto my computer, and it froze during installation....

31st July 2004 07:07

Y'know what...? Screw it. I'll just get it for PC tommorow. Thanks for your help anyway.

30th July 2004 03:07

Well that doesnt work... there's not enough space to type in the codes.

30th July 2004 02:07

Thanks. you've spared me hours of work by helping me these last couple of days

14th July 2010 02:07