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Hey all, I'm Pasha and looking for a modder to do me a model :) The model is about japanese emperor...

12th October 2007 18:10

Good to hear! C:

26th October 2008 06:10

I think the MBII version of Geonosis Arena is quite good. Though the auditorium is quite small...

11th October 2008 20:10

LOL awesome XD

12th October 2008 05:10

This is the thing I like, people come here and say that they can do it. Is this a second modeler rev...

13th October 2008 18:10

The new one is looking very proper, if it's being compared with the old one. Very good work :p

17th October 2008 19:10

happiness.. O_x how about strangeness? ;P It's kewl

20th October 2008 22:10

As I already pm'd you, It's looking awesome. And I think the face needs some fixing as yodaman also...

24th October 2008 19:10

no feet?? o.o Well you're right about that they never show, so there is no need of making feet. Any...

26th October 2008 20:10

I once asked one guy to make me a model, he agreed. I followed the progress for some weeks... then h...

5th October 2008 22:10

Alrightey, well work pleasure then. No need to hurry though.

26th October 2008 20:10

Hey everybody, a friend of mine has a problem with his custom made textures, which he has made with...

29th October 2008 01:10

Thank you for your assistance, I'll inform you tomorrow how it worked. He still wants to know that...

29th October 2008 02:10

Alright, thanks again.

29th October 2008 02:10

Sorry for doubling, only way to get people see this. He saved the textures as .png, but still they...

29th October 2008 22:10

Well these were the ones we managed to find: [COLOR=Red]Map Blocking Holes Config File: error readi...

29th October 2008 22:10

Okey,,, about gimp, you can't choose "baseline" from anywhere. : /

31st October 2008 01:10

Woah, that's looking great o,O. Couldn't even wait anything like that :D Though one thing about hea...

7th October 2008 02:10

Yeh... have to agree with that. Well now we can just wait if some modder would be interested in maki...

5th October 2008 15:10

oooh kay, well can someone do this for me?

12th October 2007 21:10

What's your problem people? I asked nicely is there any modeller who is avaivable to do models... an...

27th January 2008 23:01

I think that the picture in the 1st post looked fine.. but the hair wasnt so good... i guess making...

11th December 2007 01:12

Question. Do you only mod weapons?

20th January 2008 01:01

I'd love it if you answered my question. Do you only make weapon models/mods?

22nd January 2008 22:01

Hey all filefront members! Yes I know I've already asked this, but am going to ask again. Is there a...

26th January 2008 04:01
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