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Mast3rofPuppetsIf they did that, how the fuck are you supposed to find any vehicles? Look. Pitty i...

25th April 2004 10:04

When tanks. ships, AA or anything else are empty they appear on the minimap. Usually giving you away...

24th April 2004 23:04

I remeber seeing something about the Nazi nuclear program. They sent a FW Condor within 12 mile of N...

19th April 2004 08:04


31st March 2004 06:03

*Cleaning under his nails with his knife* So you good with your knife? Meet ya on MSN :P

24th March 2004 00:03

MG42Maniac*Glares at sig* *laughs manicly*

23rd March 2004 18:03

I found a deployable morter kit on Valirisk while sniping and spotting. Its in one of the houses nea...

23rd March 2004 09:03

Mel Brooks again.

4th February 2009 18:02