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I am new ;) Greets!

1st September 2004 17:09

man this is like a diary :x i use Terrain Generater so i wouldnt know how to use easy gen

31st October 2006 12:10

is it me? or do people find different types of chars annyoing/dislike them Ie: i was in Dragons Too...

4th October 2006 07:10

good choice, if you need any help with factions dont be afriad to xfire me :lol: xfire: passingsorr...

10th October 2006 09:10


11th October 2006 06:10

could this quite possibly be a RvB type thing?

12th October 2006 07:10

trying to rip people off? :X

25th October 2006 12:10

i do too

31st October 2006 07:10

yeah..i used terrain Gen, kinda wanted to make a volcano, imported it into radiant, and was about th...

1st November 2006 06:11

GtkRadiant is used to make maps for JA

4th October 2006 06:10

lol @ number 1.

8th November 2006 06:11

considering tuttlefuzz posted a screenshot thread, im going to go further and post a funny thread, i...

8th November 2006 12:11

There is another thread similar to this one...did you try searching for it before making your own?

18th November 2006 14:11

ooo <3 at number #4 on that last post

2nd January 2007 15:01

it Might take some time before someone replys to this, you might want to use the right spelling as w...

12th January 2007 13:01

ok, im on the verge of completing a full map for once in the past 2 years :\, i have searched high a...

15th March 2007 09:03

i think i might have made the wrong statement, i never edited the files as it says here... (4) New...

15th March 2007 11:03

:uhm: ok, so i tried the "noise" key. this didnt work so well, the map loaded, but no noise came out...

16th March 2007 06:03

Factions isnt all that also get new skills that you can only get in factions, and i know h...

4th October 2006 07:10

Check out my new sig :)

1st September 2004 17:09

ok thanks...just err how would i do that in Gtk...i have made maps before...just without new texture...

6th April 2006 09:04

wait your saying that your hosting Free Clan servers?

20th February 2006 09:02

well...the TM clan is currently in need of a server... i am one of the leaders... the clan has been...

21st February 2006 13:02

Alrights....i have sent you the email..... ooo i hope we get chosen!

22nd February 2006 14:02


23rd February 2006 09:02
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